From the recording Revolving Door Man

Sarah Baker, keys & vocals; Jim Pugh, Hammond Organ; Mona Gnader, Bass; Billy Lewis, Drums;
Garth Webber, guitar


Flies like a cupid
Can’t see the ground
Walks like a demon
Round and Round
Got me eatin’ from the palm of his hand

Revolving Door
Revolving Door
Revolving Door Man
Revolving Door
Revolving Door Man

Talks like a child
Acts like a fool
Got me breaking some of my rules
Got me guessing as much as he can

I don’t know if he’s coming or going
Got me caught inside his spell
Does he love me, I can’t tell
I just want to get out of this hotel

Looks like a hero
Lives like a king
Back and forth
and in between
Tired of living in Never Never land

Can’t you see the steps that Im taking
To get out of this prison cell
Help me cover the tracks that Im making
I just gotta get him offa my trail

I don’t know if Im coming or going
Got me spinning like the devil in hell
LOst my mind there aint no controlling
I just gotta hold on to myself

Revolving Door Man
Rovolving Door Man
Revolving Door