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Bands Featuring Sarah

The Wa Girls
Sarah Baker and the Cake
Sarah Baker Trio
Blues Kitchen


Sarah Baker Album

Sarah Baker: Sarah teams up with producer Markus James for her 1990 self-titled album. Featuring guitarist Mark Karan, bassist Michael White and drummer Billy Lewis, the album rocks with Sarah’s soulful originals.

Dolly & the Lama Mountain Boys

Dolly & the Lama Mountain Boys: “A breath of fresh air” described the band Dolly and the Lama Mountain Boys in 1976. A popular band in San Francisco in the seventies, the band originated in New Mexico, near Taos and the Lama Foundation. This album is a vintage recording from the era, with mostly live tracks. In addition to Dolly (Sarah), the musicians include Robert E. Aldorisio and Nick Ogilvie, guitars; Rick Klein, drums; Gordon Butler, violin; and John Butler, bass and keys.


Nightbird: Sarah’s work with Markus James includes her bluesy back-up vocals on his African influenced album from 2005, “Nightbird.” Featuring Hamma Sankare, calabash; Mama Sissoko, guitar; Kamele Ngoni, solo sidibe.

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday: Sarah’s album of Delta Blues, produced by Indiana Slim and Sarah Baker, is her most well-known to date. Teaming with the fabulous drummer Gaylord Birch (late), bassist Mona Gnader (Sammy Hagar’s Waboritas), Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica, and Indiana Slim on guitar, brings new life to the old blues.