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Composer/Arranger Sarah Baker draws on all her experiences in classical and musical theater as well as her background in gospel, blues, jazz, rock and country.

“Nothing is taboo in composition,” says Sarah, “as a composer needs to use all influences to be original. I love composing. I use Finale, by Make Music, as my software, and I’ve used various keyboards.  I used a Korg Triton for “Glass Slipper Blues” and for my string quartet, “A Quartet of String Theories.”  I like the sequencer module for working out ideas.  Currently, I’m working on a musical play, Angel 62, by David Kinghorn, and the Korg M-50 works well with my Apple Macbook Pro and Finale.  It’s a handy setup.  Sometimes when working with another musician or songwriter, I use a Zoom recorder to sing in ideas.”

Those ideas are evident in the funky arrangements for Glass Slipper Blues by Bret Martin, Steve Wolfe and Sarah Baker. In “A Quartet of String Theories,” an amplified avant garde work based on a story by Virginia Woolf, “The String Quartet,” Sarah makes use of sequences and Appalachian folk music to present a fusion between her classical and country roots. “I graft them, like plants, one on the other.”