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If you have the two very important prerequisites working for you, then the way you can shout on pitch, which is my preferred term for singing very loud high notes, or putting a bit of gravel in your voice is that you simply have to let go of your inhibitions and sing from your […]

Singing Trends I: Hello again!

As promised, I want to offer some tips and ideas about belting versus screaming or growling. I am going to put this into two parts, because it turns out to be so extensive!

As with most physical endeavors, much has to do with genetics; quite honestly though, I believe with strong proper training and […]

Hello! Welcome to my blog about singing and other fun stuff!

As a successful voice, piano, and performance coach for thirty-five years, I have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of students grow┬áinto fabulous performers. I have grown along with them now to the place where I want to share some of the methods I developed along the way. My method of teaching is based […]

New Website Launch

Welcome to Sarah Baker’s new website. We’re excited to be delivering this site to you, and hope you’ll enjoy exploring the new content in the coming weeks.