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Happy Holidays to all.

Heading down to the TAXI RALLY! November 2-5.

One of my most fun experiences has been the Taxi Music Rally in Los Angeles.  Many musicians, music publishers, producers, engineers, coaches, lawyers meet and discuss ways

to get your music heard.  I’ve enjoyed so much meeting the people involved and forging some wonderful musical relationships with highly skilled pros.  I’m so looking forward […]

Benefits of semi-occluded vocal exercises

Most vocalists, sometime in their careers, suffer from tense or damaged vocal cords. Although we have always used semi-occluded vocal exercises in our repertoire (the classic me-me-me is one), recent developments in vocal science have given us so many more! My voice recently came under severe abuse due to a brutal bronchitis. I have […]

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website!

Welcome to Sarah Baker Studios!  I am so happy to have you visit my website. I love music of every kind, although my niche lies in the music of my hometown region of West Tennessee, where I grew up listening to American Music of all genres. This is where rock and roll was born, and where […]