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If you have the two very important prerequisites working for you, then the way you can shout on pitch, which is my preferred term for singing very loud high notes, or putting a bit of gravel in your voice is that you simply have to let go of your inhibitions and sing from your whole body. By that I mean you must get the body into your singing from your feet to an apex far above your head.  This does not mean pushing or belting (which I call “lifting the refrigerator”), because that can hurt your voice. Learn to blend your registers, and think as a gospel singer would. If you think about babies, who can scream and cry literally for hours without damage to their vocal cords–just watch how their little stomachs seem to fill and empty when they are upset!  This is the natural scream, and you can do it too, should you ever really want to. Unfortunately, so many women, especially, are so worried about the big tummy that we tend to keep the breath way too high and shallow, and hold back lest we might seem unfeminine. Enough!

The number one problem with most singers who want to “let go” is that they do not have the earthiness that those who do “beg, scream, and shout” are willing to expose and feel about themselves, and therefore are not in touch with how singing is truly a whole body-mind-spiritual experience.  Also, especially in Euro-American culture, beautiful singing, or bel canto is considered superior to other cultures’ genres and styles, and the result has been to divide music into highbrow and lowbrow, somehow making some music superior to other. Having been taught this myself, and going through the split involved–It ain’t pretty, folks! So you have to decide whether it is worth it to you to break through the barriers you have been taught or not.  I think it keeps a lot of singers holding back what they would really like to be expressing, which, after all, is what singing ultimately serves–the song and your job which is to express it as best you can.

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