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Singing Trends I: Hello again!

As promised, I want to offer some tips and ideas about belting versus screaming or growling. I am going to put this into two parts, because it turns out to be so extensive!

As with most physical endeavors, much has to do with genetics; quite honestly though, I believe with strong proper training and attention, most problems that vocalists face can be eliminated. The most difficult one is fatigue.  Nothing can overcome a tired body, because your voice completely depends upon energy you can generate to support your singing, and without it, the chances of hurting yourself become much greater.  So everything I might say here must be prefaced with two very important working principles:

  1.  You absolutely must have the best, most professional basic training you can get; you need to have at least two or three years of basic vocal development before you attempt any advanced tecdhniques, and
  2.  You absolutely must be in the best physical condition you can achieve.

A note of caution: You can literally blow out your voice if you don’t do this correctly.  I don’t know anyone who has done this, but I have heard of it.  So don’t take it lightly.  Now, after you have achieved the proper techniques required to sing ANYTHING, take a look a my next post! And if you would like to see a great singer doing a fantastic job of this mysterious vocal style, listen to Lady Gaga singing Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” on Youtube before you go any further!

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