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Hello! Welcome to my blog about singing and other fun stuff!

As a successful voice, piano, and performance coach for thirty-five years, I have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of students grow into fabulous performers. I have grown along with them now to the place where I want to share some of the methods I developed along the way. My method of teaching is based in very strong basics of good vocal production I learned in my academic career, with a departure from classical singing techniques that hold back vocalists who want to rock out, sing blues, R & B,  or musical theater.

I learned workarounds from the rigidity of classical practice through experience and a great deal of study. Since many vocal teachers do not perform very much, their approach to teaching is exactly the same as their teacher, usually only one or two to whom they remain loyal.

The limitations that this kind of training has placed on so many singers with admonitions about “screaming” and “belting” led me to experiment and study on my own.

Here I must state clearly: without the strong basis in classical singing that I learned, I would not be here today. It has kept me, surely, from developing polyps or any other weird vocal maladies despite singing rock, and yes, even belting before I learned that belting isn’t the real answer to having a strong upper range.

The one question I have been asked most often is:  “How can I get that gravel or scream in my voice?”

I will answer this question from my point of view in my next post!

I think you will be very surprised at the answer.

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